Why does Thursday feel like Monday??

Alright – so I’m not sure how this blogging thing works, but I realized today that I need to release some of my daily energy into the world. I work at a high school with over 1900 students – their energy and demands alone are enough to kill the average person. But not me – or the other 100 teachers and staff members who wake up each morning and voluntarily commit themselves to this madness. So – what’s so crazy about a high school? We’ll just go with my afternoon:

11:15 – Rush to the exit of the parking lot to stand duty while students rush to their cars, Indy 500 style to get out and back in 40 minutes. Duty entails checking IDs for all kids in cars (or sneaking down the hill or behind the building) to ensure that they have off-campus privilege, check for seat belts, and not get run over.

11:30 – Begin lap around campus for lunch duty. Talk to kids, pick up trash, and “be a presence.”

12:00 – Cajole all stragglers back into class – PLEASE, it’s only the 4th day of school and you have 4 tardies!!

12:10 – Explain to the 18 year old with 10 credits that, no, he cannot reenroll at our school. Yes, I understand you are going to work harder. Sorry.

12:20 – Get lunch out.

12:21 – Calm down teacher who cannot teach the student who has no English skills. I am unsuccessful, but I try and assuage concerns.

12:30 – Get salad dressing bottle out.

12:31 – Phone call from district. Parent says I won’t let their student enroll.

12:40 – Guidance pow-wow with secretaries to create strategy in case irate parent returns.

1:00 – Reheat lunch – fill water glass in hopes of hydrating.

1:05 – UPS man shows up with 18-wheeler to unload new textbooks. Can you put them around back? Ma’am, it’s $1 a pound for me to move books. I just unload them. Where would you like the five palates?

Now, for those of you who don’t know – my school day ends at 1:45 – so parents are going to start coming soon to get their kids. The truck is parked in the front and he can’t go anywhere else because the truck is so big. SOOO – we unload FIVE PALETTES of books into the front driveway and toss them into a truck to move to the back of these school before the bell rings.

2:00 – Department head meeting.

2:30 – Buy custodians sodas for moving all the books in the 100 degree heat.

3:00 – Finally eat lunch.

3:30 – Start packing up office so I can get Sada and head to the football game that night.

3:45 – New chemistry teacher quits. Yup – know anyone??



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2 responses to “Why does Thursday feel like Monday??

  1. hey it’s adam, your afternoon sounds. . . pleasant. hehe words cannot describe, yet they have. . .in detail above. deep breath. . . .& a deep wine glass. ; )

  2. Sylvia

    Just another day in Paradise!!!

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