Mother of the Year

So, I often read blogs, Facebook posts, or tweets about the little successes of being a parent. These great moments in time remind us that our kids are cool little humans, learning the ways of the tough world they live in. Less frequently do I see notes about the other 99% of the time. These moments are the ones where I often award myself the Mother of the Year award. Today was one of those.

I’ve been letting my 13 year old have some leeway in her homework and organization routines for eighth grade…well I checked on those today. And then my head spun around and I lost my cool. Really?! Really? How HARD are the first two weeks of school…yup – probably the wrong way to attack the problem.  So today, I share some of my favorite Mother of the Year awards…

  • There have been times when I have partied a little too much on a Friday or Saturday night. In their innocence, both of my children have brought me a beer the next morning, saying, “Here, mom…you look like you need a beer.”
  • I could be quoting as saying, “Sorry, honey. We’re out of band-aids. Maybe we could just put a towel on it for a little bit.” or “I don’t see any blood so you’re not really hurt.”
  • After stepping on yet ANOTHER Barbie shoe, all small pieces were gathered into a bag and disposed of. “What, you can’t find her boots, teacups, etc. I have no IDEA where they could be.”
  • And one of my favorites…The kids were younger and we were hanging out at the farm. I was watching Sada and the twins ride around in the Power Wheel Gator – and run over Baby Kate. As I run to rescue her, I couldn’t figure out what to do with my wine. I didn’t want to spill it or break the cup. I mean, it was glass.
Me and My Girls

See...we have our happy moments!!

Yet after all of the events like this, no one has come and taken the girls, and I think they’ll still turn out ok. I guess the best advice I ever heard is what my mother told me – Make sure they go to bed knowing that you love them. So, with that, I’m going to go make sure the rest of Sam’s homework is done (5 hours later) and then I’m going to hug her and tell her to go to bed.



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2 responses to “Mother of the Year

  1. Love it! I was making my own list in my head as I read yours. I frequently let Marshall play with the spoons from the dishwasher (the ones that haven’t yet been washed) so I can distract him while I get at least a little cleaning done. Every kid needs some germs, right? And I did rinse them off? In any case, you’re the best mommy and an awesome sister too.

  2. Joy

    We’re trying the more-responsibility thing, too, with our 12-year-old in residence. It’s amazing how impatient I am with her when she makes the same kind of mistakes I made when I was in the 7th grade. Sigh! And yet! She still wants to hang out with me. I am floored. I bet your kids have pretty much the best time ever with you!

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