Knitting and Philosophy

So – I knit a leg warmer. And not just any leg warmer – a bad ass leg warmer with a really cool fish scale cable up the back. I made up the pattern to go with this cool variegated red yarn, and I’m stoked about it. Can’t wait for cold weather!

Here’s my bad attempt at a photo, but check this thing out! I will have to get a better shot of it when someone else is around.

Here in lies the problem with a leg warmer though – I have two legs. (Similar problems arise with gloves, socks, or even sleeves on sweaters.) I have to do the same thing all over again. But WHY?! my brain usually screams. You have proven you can do it, why do it again?

So, often times there are unfinished pieces of knitting lounging about the house, eyeballing me when I stumble across them. Some only require that I sew a hem or tuck in some loose ends, while others need a little more work.

Now instead of bucking up and casting on, I’m waxing philospohical about how knitting really could be a metaphor for life.  Often there are projects that require practice and repetition, even when it’s boring…like long rows of knit stitch for the back of a sweater. But what really makes us awesome humans is how we finish something. Do we take the time to put all the pieces together, block it to fit, weave in all the ends, or do we just slap something together and call it ok?

When I finish I this, I’m heading to my new chair to cast on and finish the other leg – I can’t wait to show them off. I think that they may require me to buy a new outfit to go with them….


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  1. Awesome! Definitely a new outfit is required! Some things need to be “seasoned” for awhile before finishing them and some things can be finished immediately. I have learned that if I try too hard to finish something when I am not feeling it, I just end up ripping out a lot of stuff. When I’m in the right mood, the job goes more smoothly.

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