And sometimes….they just impress you

Life just whirls along…and suddenly, it’s fall. Saturday I got to spend a couple of hours with Samantha. We headed off to the yarn store, which is always an adventure, to pick up a couple of cheap balls of yarn to make an Auburn hat – don’t ask why.

During the drive there and back, conversations wandered from school to people to life in general. She commented on my new diatary habits – for those that don’t know, after more than a decade I’ve started eating meat again, which is another story for another day. Our conversation went kind of like this:

Samantha: Mom, it was really weird watching you eat the sausage last night.
Me: Yeah, it’s weird eating it. Some meat so far is great, but I really don’t like chicken. It’s kind of plain.
Samantha: You know, Mom. You should really try steak. It’s amazing. I would only eat steak if I could…oh, and bacon and maybe peperonni. I really like meat. Maybe we can share more stuff now – I mean, besides your shoes.

While we were at the store, Samantha talked to store owner into Googling around and found a hat she HAD  to have – yes – it’s Ron Weasley. It took four balls of yarn, and she chose Cascade Superwash wool blend. A lovely yarn that is great to knit with…and costs $11 each. The hat sells on the Internet for $20. But her excitement was great. Also, I took this opportunity to procure her her own sticks so that she can start taking her own requests. 🙂

So we are traveling home and we see a car wreck. A young lady is walking away from the car destraught and crying. We pause to see if we can help, and the tears aren’t for the car but for her little dog that has jumped out and run off. Samantha and I spent the next hour and a half walking neighborhoods, whistiling, talking to strengers, and tramping through backyards. Samantha wouldn’t stop looking until we had covered every street – never complaining about her flip flops, never chekcing the time – just looking. Saddened that we couldn’t find the dog, we went home, and Samantha was teary-eyed.

Me: Baby, we did what we could to help find the dog.

Samantha: I know, but I’m sad for her. She lost the one thing that would have made her feel better about the wreck, though. I’m glad we stopped, though – I can’t believe other people were just driving by.

Me: Well, sometimes you don’t know if they need help or have already called someone – everyone has a cell phone these days.

Samantha: Well, that’s silly. If you don’t know if someone needs help, you have to ask them. People should just stop more often.

Yup – people should stop and check on each other more often. My quick trip to the store turned into an adventure with Samantha where she just impressed me.


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  1. Lanisha

    they remind us the simpliest things we some times eating yummy stuff and helping man kind! Love it thanks for sharing.

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