Happiness defined…I hope

“How was day?” A common question that is usually followed by a litany of all the things that kept me busy, stressed out, anxious, or exhausted. Although I would consider myself a happy person, my response rarely includes the word happy, or, for that matter, it rarely includes anything positive.

So how was my day? It was actually pretty good. My job is stressful and hard, but I have people that enjoy working with that make it better. I got to go to the store with Samantha and sniff some essential oils and buy expensive cheese…and search for mason jars I liked. I was quite an adventure. I got to come home and hang some laundry on the line (which makes my clothes smell amazing) and cook homemade marinara.

I have a friend who has been participating in a reflection inspired by 100 Happy Days – and I’m intrigued. Can I really find happiness for 100 straight days? I’m already thinking of all the things that can go wrong with this plan BUT I’m going to try to post a picture every day on Instagram about something that made me happy….although I’m scared that my list for today might exhaust all my good ideas…

Dinner - yummmSo where am I going to start with my happy adventure? Well, today I cooked – really cooked, like used all fresh vegetables, sauteed the tomato paste, simmered and stirred. It smelled amazing, it tasted fantastic, and it fed my family well. That made me happy – the experience and the end result. Especially when my sullen teenager said, “Thanks, Mom. That was really good.”

That’s a nice day.



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2 responses to “Happiness defined…I hope

  1. suzanne

    There IS happiness in every day. Glad to read about yours!

  2. YUM! Looks amazing, as always. Excited about your challenge!! 🙂

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