Making the happy

As I kid I used to LOVE getting mail…and actually, I still love mail – when it’s not advertisements or a bill, and even sometimes that’s fun – like when the credit card has a zero balance – WHAT WHAT!!

Back on point, thought, there is something magical about sending stuff out into the world and it ending up at the right place. I prefer magic to computer-operated sorting and manual labor.

Last week I sent several little boxes out into the world. In each one was something I had made, as well as little bit of my happiness in making it. There was a sense of excitement and dread, though. I hoped that each gift would work or fit right, but you never really know. So what if it didn’t…or what if they lied about it. I wanted to make someone else as happy as I was in creating the gift.


Marshall and his new “fancy” sweater

THEN – I got this picture from my sister in law. Not only did the sweater I made fit my nephew – he LOVED it…and declared it his outfit for fancy day at school. This picture made me smile all night and most of today. I mean – come on – I want a fancy day sweater now! Actually, I want more of my actions to create that sense of pure happiness in someone.

As an aside – I started this whole blogging thing again because of the aforementioned sister-in-law. I’m super glad that my brother had the sense to marry her – even if she does make me feel bad because she ALWAYS sends thank you cards. Her blog about being a mommy makes me remember to find joy in all the mommy moments I get to have each day.


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  1. Ha! You are too kind. I do not always send thank you notes! But I wish I did. Thanks for making our week! Marshall is fancied, I am exfoliated with that sugar scrub, and Daniel’s fancy clothes can get clean. Lots of fancy going on. 🙂 Love you!!

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