Just a Southern Girl

The older I get, the more I hear myself calling people “Darling” and “Dear Heart.” I cringe when I hear my twang on a recording.

These small things sometimes make me wonder if I need to spend a summer in New England or maybe take elocution lessons – very My Fair Lady style. I don’t want people to judge me based on their notions of a Southern woman – put me in some category that I don’t really want to fit in.

However there are times when I am super proud of my Southern-ness, and that is usually during large-scale holidays (or small scale ones that I use as an excuse to get into the kitchen).  There is something about making food to share with someone else that is incredibly fulfilling. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love it when someone tells me they like something. In reality, I get an emotional high when a plate is emptied or when someone goes back for seconds.

Yeah Deviled Eggs!!

Yeah Deviled Eggs!!

My culinary moment this week? Easter deviled eggs. Notherng says a Southern woman cares like creamy, mayonaisey-y goodness on a silver platter.  And the best part – is that you HAVE to share them. You have to bring them to an event and then spend time with friends, family, others who want to celebrate with you. Food as celebration – a Southern legacy that I am happy to be a part of.


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  1. Those look so good! I didn’t have any deviled eggs this Easter. 😦

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