Proud Mama

I am riding on a winner’s high right now. Best & Brightest (a local competition for high school students) was last night – and my kids killed! In 15 categories we placed in 9 – with 6 first places wins. AND – one of my favorites won the overall award. AMAZING NIGHT with some of my AMAZING kids.  Yes – I am bragging about my kids and my school!

The big deal with this competition, though, is not that these kids are smart are capable. They ARE the best in certain areas (math, science, music, art, etc) – and they are nominated and vetted by the teachers as the school winners. However, half of the points in this competition are based on their community service – the fact that the world is a better place because they are in it. These kids spend their time working and volunteering to make the world fun and happy and wonderful. In the four years I’ve known them, these 15 kids have volunteered almost a combined total of 10,000 hours.

Look at all those brilliant, talented, funny kids - that I didn't get permission from to post this picture.... :)

Look at all those brilliant, talented, funny kids – that I didn’t get permission from to post this picture…. 🙂

Stats like that make me cringe – I used to think that I was a good high school student. I mean, I worked hard, got into a good school, did the deal – but these kids have tagged sharks, written books, built gardens, led voting registration drives, played sports with special needs children, AND SO MUCH MORE!

My community is better because they are in it – in reality, my own personal world is better. They make ME better. They are AWESOME!




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May 16, 2014 · 2:10 am

One response to “Proud Mama

  1. Suzanne

    And congratulations to YOU for being a fearless leader. They all look up to you and admire your hard work. I agree that volunteering is an awesome thing…many of our child’s hours were undocumented but it warms my heart to know that if there is an opportunity to help, he will jump right on the wagon. That is what makes someone special in my eyes. I also loved that our group was so very encouraging of everybody at the ceremony. Clapping, hooting, cheering, and smiling and loving life! There is much to be said for upholding your peers! Thank you and beyond for your love and support!

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