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Just Another Cheesy Commercial

I was on Facebook and a couple of my friends posted this video from Thai Insurance -it’s supposed to make you cry. Yeah – I don’t cry much at cheesy stuff like this. And I didn’t this time. I didn’t even turn the sound up….the first time it played. I’m viewed it more than a few times now, though.

The first thing I noticed was how poor and dirty the city was. The video is filled with poverty. I wondered why a company would make a commercial like this and who would watch it. Was it meant to just be an attempt at a viral video by pulling on human heartstrings? Is there a product to buy at the end?

But then the little girl shows up in her school uniform. That was the moment. I had been watching this video from such a commercialistic standpoint. I put the situation outside of my cultural norm and I allied myself with the cynical man behind the count. I think I even shook my head too! I mean, who cries at stuff like this? But she got to me – education is something she had to beg for. It wasn’t something that was expected. It was a privilege that she begged for – and that someone else, a stranger, was willing to sacrifice for.

Our lives are so busy  and so full of so many objects that it is hard to put value on the simple things in life. A simple meal of basic proportions, fresh fruit as a luxury, or no air conditioning. These are things that I would see as a burden. If I want to help someone, I can write a check or donate my used items or volunteer one day. But what have I sacrificed for that experience? Maybe a cup of Starbucks or some time away from my hobbies.

Although this video talks about feeling emotions and experience happiness it has another message as well. The true privilege of our lives as humans in the ability to connect with each. We are not meant to exist in isolation. Yet, how often do you look someone in the eye when you speak with them–giving them the full attention of your mind and respecting their presence? How often do you truly connect with another human?

It is a rare thing for me. I am often playing a part – mother, boss, teacher, friend – and those things all take tremendous amounts of energy and focus. I am attempting to give the other parties what it is they need from me at that moment.

Connection, though, with others happens when you allow someone to see you as you see them. Where each party is refreshed by the encounter. The expectation of fixing something doesn’t exist. The need for resolution is gone. It is simply a connection in which you share space and humanness with each other, respecting the time you have and granting each other the gift of being yourself.

Happiness grows from acknowledging and respecting these connections.



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